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3 Items You Shouldn’t Store in San Antonio Storage Facilities

Downsizing and minimizing possessions is more popular than ever. As people try to live with fewer material things or find comfort in smaller living spaces, the need for affordable self-storage is bigger than ever. To hear people talk, you can keep anything in a mini storage unit: clothes, bikes, paperwork, camping equipment, and even cars and boats. It almost sounds like there’s nothing you can’t put safely into San Antonio storage facilities.

The truth is, there are a few categories of things that should never go into a rented storage unit, even in the short term. Some of these will probably be spelled out in your contract with the storage facility. But just in case they aren’t, let’s look at the three main categories of items that you should never put in storage:

  1. Living things. This includes pets like cats, dogs, birds, or tiny mammals like mice or guinea pigs. It also includes caged pets like snakes, lizards, fish, or even snails. Being locked in storage is terrifying for pets who need to be around people. It’s also dangerous for them and to anyone who might encounter them if they escape. Plants are also verboten from most storage facilities. Plants can’t live in a dark unit for long and may attract insects.
  2. Weapons, chemicals, or explosives. Looking for a secure place to store your arsenal when you’re not using it? A San Antonio storage facility is NOT the place. The same goes for dynamite, gasoline, or any chemical that is flammable (a.k.a. inflammable), potentially explosive, or that can break down over time. The obvious inherent dangers of these items make them inappropriate for any long-term or short-term storage.
  3. You don’t want anything in storage that can go rotten, sour, or spoiled. Doing this can attract bugs or other vermin. Spoiled or rotting perishables also produce smells that no one wants on their belongings. Perishables include food and beverage items such as dry goods or homemade canned foods. It also includes dry plant items like sweetgrass, straw, or hay. Most San Antonio storage facilities prohibit these things, but even if they don’t, it’s just not a good idea to fill your storage unit with them.

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