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8 Storage Unit Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Storing your belongings in a mini storage unit may seem easy enough, but it’s also easy to make a mess of things, lose track of items, and damage your belongings. Following a few handy suggestions, however, can make the process much easier, so check out the following eight storage unit tips to keep your things safe and organized:

  1. List everything that you plan to store, and then save the list to a computer or make multiple copies in case the original is lost. This list can save you hours of frantic searching when you forget where an important item is and go digging through your storage unit. Keep a copy of the list in your vehicle in case you ever need to visit your storage unit when you’re out and about.
  2. Have a plan for how you will lay out the unit. Some people store clothing in one corner, books in another, and decorations in another, and then use the center for large items like furniture and appliances. However you arrange it is fine, so long as there is a plan in place. Draw out the arrangement and store it on a computer or make copies, including one for your vehicle.
  3. Some items store better with a little prep work. One example is furniture, which should be thoroughly dusted and polished prior to storage to keep it looking good. Appliances, especially refrigerators, should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out as well, and their doors should be left slightly open to prevent odors and mildew from building up. Electronics should be kept in their original containers whenever possible, including any Styrofoam molding that held them in place during shipping. Leather items should be moisturized.
  4. Remember that some items should never be kept in a self-store unit. These include all flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, and lamp oil; food of any kind, including canned items; ammunition; fireworks; chemicals in pressurized cans; and anything that is particularly sensitive to heat or cold. Use common sense when deciding what to store in your unit and what to keep elsewhere.
  5. Try to utilize all the space in your unit, including the vertical space, by using shelving and cabinets to make the layout more efficient. Simple, rugged shelves can easily be made from planks and cement blocks, or you can use utility shelving units such as those commonly available in home improvement centers and other big-box retailers. Be sure that whatever you use is sturdy and can hold the amount of weight you place on it.
  6. Furniture is one of the most common items our customers keep in their units, so one of the storage unit tips to keep in mind is that furnishings should always be stored in the position they’re intended to be in, never on their sides. Placing a sofa on its side can weaken the frame over time, and the same is true of love seats, armchairs, and other items.
  7. Most items fare better if they’re covered during storage to keep the dust off of them, and it also helps to prevent them from drying out in the sometimes-sweltering temperatures inside typical storage units. Always use cloth as a cover, and avoid plastic tarps or other material that can’t breathe, as these will trap moisture against the item and lead to mildew or mold buildup.
  8. The most important of these storage unit tips is to choose the right self-store facility for your needs. If you live in or near San Antonio, check out Handy Space, the storage unit facility that outdoes its competitors by offering benefits like a secure site, great prices, a variety of unit sizes, and convenient office hours. Call or come by one of our two locations today to find out what we can do for you.