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How to Find the Top Local Storage Companies for Your Needs

Been feeling like you can’t fit one more item in your overstuffed closet? Kitchen cabinets full to bursting with useful items … that you probably won’t need for months? It can be freeing to get unused or rarely used kitchen tools, gardening supplies, or camping gear out of the way. But where to put it? It’s not like you can afford a second home just to keep your extra stuff. Maybe it’s time to consider local storage companies.

Believe it or not, the self-storage industry is booming like never before. As millennials remain in their parent’s homes for longer and tiny houses become increasingly popular, Americans are looking for a safe, affordable place to put all the items we’re not currently using. The self-storage industry boom has led to an average of nearly 900 storage facilities in each U.S. state. That’s a lot of storage!

How does all this help you investigate local storage companies? Begin by deciding vital factors, like how much space you need and how much you can afford to spend on monthly mini-storage.

  • When calculating how much space you need, remember that you’ll want some extra space in your storage unit, enough to allow you to walk inside and move around freely so you can reach your items without having to haul anything out.
  • Some folks use local storage companies for short-term storage, others for longer. When you’re calculating your budget, overestimate how long you’ll need your unit. You can then be pleasantly surprised if you have to spend less than you calculated.
  • Be sure to see if the local storage companies you’re looking at have gate hours that are compatible with your schedule. If the only day you can get there is Sunday but they’re closed on Sundays, you don’t want to find that out after you’ve paid a deposit.

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