vehicle storage San Antonio

Finding the Safest Options for Car Storage San Antonio

Looking for safe, secure car storage? San Antonio storage facilities seem to be around every corner. But how do you know which is the right place to keep your precious ride? What should you insist upon when it comes to finding the best car storage San Antonio has to offer?

  1. Reasonable prices. While it makes sense to select a provider with competitive pricing, it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. A place that seems suspiciously affordable might be best avoided. After all, how much is “too much” to invest in keeping your car safe?
  2. Safety. Reliable security is the best reason to seek out a professional facility for car storage. San Antonio self-storage units (which may also be called mini-storage, even when it’s for a car, boat, or RV) should be covered, offer 24/7 access to you, and feature an alarm system and response you can feel good about.
  3. Flooring. Don’t forget to look down when searching for reliable car storage. San Antonio storage facilities sometimes store cars, boats, or RVs on gravel, blacktop, or even grass. You don’t want this. Concrete is the ideal substrate for long-term storage of wheeled vehicles.
  4. Location. Convenience may not be at the top of your list of reasons to choose a self-storage company. But no one enjoys fighting traffic clear across town if they don’t have to. Handy Space has two convenient locations to serve you.
  5. Service.The best self-storage facility is one where you seldom need assistance. But when you do, you want it to be fast, courteous, accurate, and friendly. Handy Space customers offer rave reviews for the safety, security, and stellar customer service at their mini-storage locations.

To find out more information, discuss pricing, or learn about monthly specials on car storage, San Antonio Handy Space can be reached at 210-675-7867, or use their contact form.