Four Ways to Make Sure Your Vehicle Storage in San Antonio Is Safe

Vehicle storage in San Antonio is perfectly safe when you choose Handy Space. That being said, there are some common sense steps you can take to protect your vehicle until you’re ready to retrieve it. These include:

  • Protecting it from the elements by preparing it thoroughly for storage. Important steps include cleaning the vehicle inside and out; leaving one of the windows open a tiny crack to permit ventilation while keeping out pests; and, in cases of extended storage, removing the wheels and securing the vehicle with four-corner jack stands.
  • If you use a closed storage unit, then the single best safeguard you can provide is a sturdy lock that’s equipped with anti-tampering measures. This will go a long way towards ensuring the safety of your vehicle storage in San Antonio. If you use one of our covered pavilions to store your vehicle, we will give you a pass code to enter our site whenever you please. It’s vital that you never share this entry code with anyone you don’t know well.
  • Have someone you trust check on the vehicle every now and then while you’re gone. Or you can do so yourself when you’re in town. If you left the wheels on the car, it’s important to drive the vehicle a very short distance to ensure even wear on the wheels.
  • If you remove the oil, coolant, power steering fluid, or other liquids from the car prior to storage, leave yourself a note inside the vehicle reminding you to replace these fluids when you retrieve the automobile. This is one of the most important yet most overlooked vehicle storage in San Antonio safeguards.

Following these basic vehicle storage in San Antonio tips will help to ensure your car or truck is in the same condition when you return as it was when you left. We hope you find this information helpful. Please keep Handy Space in mind for all your self-store needs.