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A Guide To Our Storage Unit Sizes

Handy Space offers several different storage unit sizes to meet every need, so whether you have a handful or a houseful of items to store, you’ll find the safe, secure, weatherproof room you need at our facility. To help you decide which option is right for you, below is a look at each of our sizes and what they will hold.

Note: these estimates assume that you will make efficient use of the room available to you in your unit. For tips on how to make the most of your Handy Space storage unit, check out this blog post. We also recommend that you call or come by to confirm that the storage unit sizes you want are available.


  • 6’ x 8’ (48 square feet) – This size is ideal for a few seasonal items such as a mower, sports equipment, or hand tools. You will also find it useful for storing office supplies and furnishings.
  • 6’ x 10’ (60 square feet) – Choose this option if you want to store furnishings that fill a small bedroom or living room, including a sofa or mattress and box spring set. It will hold these items along with a small living room set or dresser/bookshelf combo.
  • 6’ x 12’ (72 square feet) – This size is perfect if you want to store enough items for a studio apartment. This can include a three-piece living room with tables, a TV, mattress set and dresser, and a few boxes of clothes.
  • 10’ x 8’ (80 square feet) – This size holds the same items as the 6’ x 12’ above, along with a washer/dryer set or refrigerator and stove.
  • 10’ x 12’ (120 square feet) – This size is perfect for holding enough items to furnish a one-bedroom or small two-bedroom apartment, including a few large appliances, books, and clothes.
  • 10’ x 16’ (160 square feet) – These units hold enough belongings to comfortably furnish a spacious two-bedroom apartment or small house, including a small dining table and four chairs. This size will also hold a small economy car or several pieces of lawn maintenance equipment, such as riding mowers.
  • 10’ x 20’ (160 square feet) – Choose this size if your need to store enough items to fill a three-bedroom apartment or medium-sized house. It will also hold a small- to medium-sized car.
  • 10’ x 24’ (240 square feet) – These units hold enough items for a four-bedroom apartment or house. They will also store a full-sized car or compact pickup truck.
  • 24’ x 50’ (1200 square feet) – This is as big as it gets, and it’s large enough to hold just about anything you may wish to store. This can include the furnishings for a very large home, a small warehouse, a large boat, or an RV.


Self-Storage Tips

In addition to knowing whichstorage unit sizes you might need,you should also do some research about the facility you choose in order to keep your belongings safe. Remember that security is important, and a location that’s well lit, has a sturdy fence, and is protected by coded access is far less likely to be robbed than one that has no visible deterrents for criminals.

When you have chosen your storage facility, read the contract carefully before signing. If you see any terms you don’t understand, ask the staff member on hand to explain them to you before you agree to anything. Check to see if the facility has a manager living on-site, and look for a business that offers little extras like a free utility trailer for use while moving items into the facility. Touches like these set superior storage companies apart from mediocre ones. Handy Space offers all this and more, and is the best storage facility in the San Antonio area. Call or come by today to find out if we have the storage unit sizes you need.