Check out some storage cleaning tips.

Here Are Some Handy Storage Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind

Sometimes our customers ask us for storage cleaning tips. This only makes sense, given that anything worth keeping in storage is also worth a little effort to keep neat and tidy. With that in mind, here are our top storage cleaning tips. Use them to make the most of your self-store investment.

Store Smart

Using a storage unit may seem like a no-brainer. Just pile in the stuff, lock the door, and go home, right? Well, not quite. As with everything in life, there’s a right and wrong way to use a storage unit. Here’s what we mean:

  • It’s important to always store chairs, sofas, tables, and other furnishings as if they were set up for use in your home. For example, never store a couch on its side. This will damage the frame and cause the piece to fall apart when used. For the same reason, don’t pile heavy boxes on other items on furniture. Doing so will wear out the springs, making the piece saggy and uncomfortable when you try to use it later on.
  • Store framed photos and paintings vertically, not lying down and never on top of each other. Otherwise the canvas will sag, ruining the image.

See what we mean? Any list of storage cleaning tips begins with knowing how to arrange items in the unit. Now let’s look at some other pointers.

Dust and Cover

Even the cleanest air contains billions of tiny dust particles. This is just as true in a public storage facility as anywhere else on earth. The best way to keep a thick layer of dirt from settling on your stored belongings over time is to give everything a good cleaning right before you move it into the unit. Then, when the items are in place, cover them with a large piece of fabric like an old blanket or bed sheet. Cloth tarps will do nicely as well. We recommend against using plastic covers, as these can trap moisture against your items and cause mold and mildew.

Keep an Eye on Things

It’s a good idea to drop by the unit every now and then just to check on things and tidy up a bit. A quick dusting and visual inspection is usually all you need to do. Visit during daylight hours if possible to avoid potential trip hazards.

That’s our crash course on storage cleaning tips. We hope you find the information useful. And please keep Handy Space in mind for all your self-store needs.