Here Are Some Handy Vehicle Storage Tips to Keep in Mind

Handy Space offers several automotive storage options for our valued customers. Of course, storing an automobile is a little more involved than simply keeping furniture or appliances in your unit. That’s why we‘re offering the following vehicle storage tips. Following these guidelines will help to ensure your car or truck is in pristine condition when you reclaim it.

Clean, Clean, Clean

We recommend cleaning the vehicle as thoroughly as possible, inside and out. This will prevent odors from building up over time. It will also make your vehicle much less desirable to mice, insects, and other pests who might otherwise be drawn to the smell of food crumbs or soda stains. Use a vacuum to get into nooks and crannies. Wash the exterior of the vehicle, including wheels and tires to remove built-up pollution and dirt. Add a good coat of wax as a finishing touch.

Stuff the Holes

Plug the exhaust pipe, air-conditioning vents, and other passageways into the vehicle with steel wool. This will block entryways that mice or other small critters could use to turn your vehicle into a nesting ground. This is one of the most important vehicle storage tips we can offer.

Leave Room to Breathe

Leave at least one of the windows open very slightly to allow fumes to escape. An eighth of an inch is more than sufficient.

Remove the Wheels

Removing the wheels and tires will prevent flat spots from forming due to long-term storage. This is especially important if you plan to store your vehicle for more than 90 days. Secure the corners of the automobile with four-cornered jack stands that are rated for your vehicle’s weight. If you choose to leave the tires on, have a trusted friend visit the vehicle once a month or so to drive it a very short distance backwards or forwards for the sake of your tires.

Cover It Up

Sheath the vehicle in a waterproof/breathable cover designed for this purpose. This is especially important if you will be storing it in one of our open air pavilions. Avoid using plastic tarps or other general-purpose materials, as these can trap moisture and debris against the vehicle and harm its finish.

We hope you get plenty of use out of these vehicle storage tips. In the meantime, keep Handy Space in mind for all your self-store needs.