Handy Space is a great option for storage companies in San Antonio.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Storage Companies in San Antonio

Choosing between storage companies in San Antonio doesn’t need to be difficult. Just ask yourself the following questions before investing your hard-earned money:

  • Does the business keep an eye on the storage facility? Handy Space certainly does. We even employ a full-time manager who actually lives on-site. This is important for both your belongings and your peace of mind.
  • Does the location keep regular office hours? This is important in case you have a question or concern you would like the staff to address. Handy Space’s office is open throughout the week for our customer’s convenience.
  • Does the business have a clearly written service agreement that spells everything out in plain language? This is important because, unfortunately, some locations try to lure unwary customers with short-term teaser rates and other gimmicks. Others use high-pressure and other sleazy tactics. Avoid these types of outfits at all costs.
  • Does the location offer a wide range of storage options? This is important because most people’s storage needs change over time. You may need a larger or smaller unit as you move items in and out. You might even need a roofed pavilion to store motor vehicles or business equipment. That’s no problem when you deal with Handy Space—we’ve got your covered. Of course, not all unit sizes are always available, so call ahead before visiting us.
  • Does the business go out of its way to assist its customers? This is one sure way to tell the great storage companies in San Antonio from the so-so ones. Handy Space offers benefits like a devoted professional staff, a free loaner trailer for new customers, and this blog. Do any other locations do as much for their customers?

There’s one sure way to pick a winner from among the storage companies in San Antonio: choose Handy Space. Call us today to get started on the road to quality storage solutions at a great price.