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How Many Mini Storage Units Do I Really Need?

When it comes to mini storage units, sometimes one just isn’t enough. Here are some situations in which you’ll want to consider renting two or more:

  • You have both business and personal storage needs. For example, you could use one unit for a spare vehicle or home furnishings and the other for your company’s merchandise or equipment. This offers an easy way to organize and simplify your affairs.
  • Both you and another family member have items to store. Multiple mini storage units give you a handy way to keep your belongings separate, avoiding potential mix-ups and keeping everyone happy.
  • You simply have a lot of things to store. Even our largest units can only hold so many items. Yet all of them provide a safe, easy-to-access place to keep your valued belongings till you need them. Plus, there’s never a long-term commitment when you rent your mini storage units from Handy Space. Just use our services for as long as you need to; then, when you’re done, retrieve your items. It’s as simple as that.


Handy Space: Your Place for Affordable Mini Storage Units

We give our customers an unbeatable combination of benefits that makes us the San Antonio self-storage leader. These advantages include:

  • A wide range of mini storage units to meet your exact needs. Whether you want a little extra room for some seasonal items or your own personal mini-warehouse, chances are we have what you need. Of course, not all unit sizes are available at all times, so call ahead before you come by.
  • A clear, easy to understand service agreement that spells everything out in plain language. We won’t try to trick you with teaser rates or other underhanded gimmicks. You only pay a low monthly fee for as long as you need your mini storage units.
  • An on-site office staffed by friendly, knowledgeable customer service experts. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have.

Get started on the road to greater convenience and peace of mind by reserving your new mini storage units with Handy Space today. We look forward to hearing from you.