Storage Rental San Antonio — How Is Handy Space Different?

When you need a safe, reliable storage rental, San Antonio has myriad options. How do you know which self-storage company to choose? Begin by asking friends, coworkers, or family members for recommendations. They’ll be happy to tell you what they liked (or didn’t) about the last self-storage company they used. If that doesn’t point you in the right direction, check out reviews on sites like Yelp. Keep in mind, though, that many reviewers are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones.

While you’re researching facilities for storage rental, San Antonio shoppers should make an in-person visit to any place you’re considering. How’s the staff? Do they seem happy to be there? Friendly? Courteous? Do they answer your questions fully and honestly? If you feel that the staff is rude, rushed, or annoyed with your questions, be sure to factor that into your decision.

What if you don’t have time for all that research or for visiting different mini-storage units? After all, you’re busy! When it comes to storage rental, San Antonio customers rave about Handy Space. From the secure, roomy rental spaces and excellent attention to safety, Handy Space prides itself on its commitment to customers and the belongings entrusted to their facilities.

Storing clothes and kitchen stuff you just don’t have room for? Mini-storage is an excellent option. From a few small belongings to an RV with a boat, Handy Space is equipped to secure your items and protect them like they’re family.

Not sure you can afford to invest in mini-storage? Call Handy Space directly at 210-675-7867 to get the scoop on monthly specials and unit availability. How much is too much to spend if your belongings are safe and easy to get to when you need them? To learn more about rental unit sizes and storage rental, contact Handy Space.