How to Take Advantage of Self Storage in San Antonio

How to Take Advantage of Self Storage in San Antonio

Did you know that there are about 50,000 self storage facilities in the United States right now? That staggering number is indicative of a problem many Americans share: we own more things than we know what to do with. If you’re considering options for self storage, San Antonio residents can tell you that your search might just begin and end with Handy Space.

Once you find a storage facility that meets your space needs and fits your budget, you’ll want to prepare your goods for long-term keeping. This will take some time doing it right is essential. Your precious belongings and your future self will thank you.

  • Pallets. Even if you’ve selected an insulated unit with concrete floors, pallets are still a good idea. Keeping items off the ground protects them from elements, bugs or other vermin, and anything that might spill over from another storage unit.
  • Wrappings. Industrial-grade plastic, bubble wrap, or insulated packaging wrap are all great ways to keep moisture or insects from invading your carefully stored items. Wrapping your items will also keep them clean and fresh. Not sure how to wrap big items like furniture or shelving for long-term self-storage? San Antonio storage experts at Handy Space can advise you.
  • Labels. If you’ve ever moved to a new apartment or house, you know that clear labeling is essential. When you want to stop by your storage unit to grab a specific book, your family-sized crockpot, or some other small but vital item, your careful labeling will pay off handsomely.

Planning and preparation are sure to pay off with hassle-free retrieval of items and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your belongings are safe and well cared for when you’re not around.

For more information on how to make the most of self storage, San Antonio customers are encouraged to contact Handy Space or call 210-675-7867 for more information.