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Three Garage Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Space

The family garage is one of those things that are not always used for its intended purpose. This is especially the case in areas with relatively mild winter climates like South Texas. We’re spared the long, icy winters that affect so much of the country. Of course, a car-free garage can leave you at a loss for what to do with the extra room other than to fill it with rarely used items. That’s a shame, because the garage can be a perfect place for a home office, pool table, den, craft center or other useful space. Here are some handy cleaning tips for reclaiming your garage from the clutter:

  1. Do an inventory and decide which items should stay and which ones should go. Then have a yard sale or simply give away your unwanted possessions to a needy family or a worthy charity.
  2. Use storage accessories like shelving, bins, barrels, crates, boxes, etc. These can help you organize your remaining belongings for easy retrieval when you need them. We also recommend making a master list of all the items in your garage or carport and keeping it on hand so you always know what’s in there and where it is. Make a digital copy of this list and keep it on your computer or smart phone, that way you can never lose it. This is one of the most useful garage cleaning tips we can offer.
  3. An even better idea is to take all those extra items down to Handy Space and let us hold onto them for you. That way your garage or carport will be completely free of clutter and ready to reinvent into whatever you like. You’ll have access to your belongings whenever you like, and there’s no long-term commitment when you use Handy Space. Simply pay a low monthly fee for as long as you need our services.

We hope you get some use from these garage cleaning tips. Call or drop by Handy Space today if we can help in any way.