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Three Reasons to Rent Motorcycle Storage Units

Handy Space has motorcycle storage units to keep your bike safe. Of course, we understand that you’d live your life in the saddle if you could. Sadly, that’s impossible for most of us. The good news is, you can rest easy at night knowing your ‘cycle is protected by our theft- and vandalism-deterrence safeguards. These include:

  1. Nighttime spotlights and chain-link perimeter fences.
  2. Secure access points monitored by security cameras and our vigilant staff.
  3. Lock points on each of our storage units. (You can bring your own lock or purchase one in our office.)

So, contact Handy Space today to find out more about our motorcycle storage units. We look forward to speaking with you.

Here Are Handy Motorcycle Storage Tips Just in Time for Fall

The change of seasons is the perfect time to get your ride ready for winter. Here are a few guidelines for making sure your bike is ready to roll next spring:

  • Add fresh gas to the tank, followed by fuel stabilizer. Run the engine for a few minutes so the mixture circulates through the system.
  • Check your fluids, including clutch, coolant, antifreeze, and brake. Refill as necessary. You can also drain your fluids if you plan to leave your bike in storage till next spring.
  • Change the oil. Many riders neglect this all-important task, which can lead to engine failure and other major problems.
  • Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, set your bike on its center stand, and rotate the wheels every week or so to avoid flat spots. You can also remove the wheels entirely if you prefer.

Call Handy Space to find out more about our motorcycle storage units. We have both individual storage areas, as well as a covered pavilion for our customers’ use. We look forward to speaking with you.