Small storage units in San Antonio

What You Can Do with Small Storage Units in San Antonio

People sometimes ask us, “What can I do with small storage units in San Antonio?” The answer: plenty! Here are some possibilities:

  • Clean out that unused bedroom in your house—you know, the one that’s stuffed to the gills with old furnishings and other seldom used items. Move them into Handy Space small storage units in San Antonio and repurpose that room into a home office, craft center, media room, or whatever you like.
  • Use our small storage units in San Antonio to hold tools, equipment, or excess inventory related to your business. You’ll have 24/7 access to your property, allowing you to retrieve these items on an as-needed basis without taking up valuable room in your office, storefront or workshop.
  • Are you planning to move in a few months? If so, then small storage units in San Antonio can enable you to box and store your belongings a little at a time. That way you’re not overwhelmed on moving day. You can simply pull up to your unit, load your truck, and be on your way without a backbreaking last minute rush.
  • Are you going through major life changes? All kinds of things can cause folks to need small storage units in San Antonio. Marriage, divorce, graduation, job promotions, and long-term health issues can affect your lifestyle in many ways. Having a place to keep some of your belongings can remove unwanted stress from your mind, helping you to evaluate your options and decide on your next move.

As you can see, having small storage units in San Antonio can really come in handy. Of course, getting the most value from these spaces requires choosing the right self-store facility. Handy Space has built a rock-solid reputation for absolute integrity and outstanding customer service. That makes us the right choice for your needs. So call or drop by today to find out more about our small storage units in San Antonio.