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Three Garage Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Space

The family garage is one of those things that are not always used for its intended purpose. This is especially the case in areas with relatively mild winter climates like South Texas. We’re spared the long, icy winters that affect so much of the country. Of course, a car-free garage can leave you at a […]

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Is Short Term Self Storage Worth the Cost?

Short term self storage with Handy Space is one of the greatest bargains you’ll find anywhere. It certainly beats using an outdoor storage shed or cramming unused items into a spare room. Here’s why: Outdoor storage sheds vary widely in terms of construction quality and safety features. Few are able to withstand severe weather or […]

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Storage Advice

Keep Your RV Safe with RV Storage San Antonio

Handy Space is your place for RV storage San Antonio. We have what you need, whether you own a small pop-up camper or a massive recreational vehicle that could transport a small army. Here are two options from which to choose: You can keep your RV in one of our self-contained units. This choice offers […]

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How Many Mini Storage Units Do I Really Need?

When it comes to mini storage units, sometimes one just isn’t enough. Here are some situations in which you’ll want to consider renting two or more: You have both business and personal storage needs. For example, you could use one unit for a spare vehicle or home furnishings and the other for your company’s merchandise […]

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How to Find Short Term Self-Storage in San Antonio

Finding short-term self-storage in San Antonio doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Handy Space offers unbeatable benefits that set us apart from our competitors. These include: A wide selection of unit sizes. After all, you are unique and so are your needs. Perhaps you only need a little extra room to eliminate clutter in […]

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Affordable mini storage can be found with Handy Space.

Five Key Benefits of Local Storage Units

Local storage units from Handy Space can make your life easier in many ways. Here’s a look at five of their chief advantages: Handy Space local storage units come in a wide variety of sizes to meet your exact needs. Whether you need enough room to hold a handful of items or enough belongings to […]

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Hack: the Perfect Storage Unit Comparison Template

The customer always comes first at Handy Space. That’s why we’re happy to provide the following storage unit comparison chart to help you pick the right unit for your needs. Please note that not all unit sizes are always available. Please call Handy Space prior to your final selection. Unit Sizes and Capacities 6 ‘x […]

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Four Ways to Make Sure Your Vehicle Storage in San Antonio Is Safe

Vehicle storage in San Antonio is perfectly safe when you choose Handy Space. That being said, there are some common sense steps you can take to protect your vehicle until you’re ready to retrieve it. These include: Protecting it from the elements by preparing it thoroughly for storage. Important steps include cleaning the vehicle inside […]

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Handy Space is a great option for storage companies in San Antonio.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Storage Companies in San Antonio

Choosing between storage companies in San Antonio doesn’t need to be difficult. Just ask yourself the following questions before investing your hard-earned money: Does the business keep an eye on the storage facility? Handy Space certainly does. We even employ a full-time manager who actually lives on-site. This is important for both your belongings and […]

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Check out some storage cleaning tips.

Here Are Some Handy Storage Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind

Sometimes our customers ask us for storage cleaning tips. This only makes sense, given that anything worth keeping in storage is also worth a little effort to keep neat and tidy. With that in mind, here are our top storage cleaning tips. Use them to make the most of your self-store investment. Store Smart Using […]

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